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Supplier of signage materials & CNC Machines

Signage Consumable and Equipment Supplier in South Africa

IPLASTICS focuses on offering quality signage consumables and equipment while providing excellent service to the sign industry.

Solid Reputation

iPlastics has gained a solid reputation for quality and reliability as a supplier of a common sign materials. We aims to keep our price at a reasonable level all the time with good quality.

Quality Product

iPlastics provides quality materials. All manufacturers we work with are carefully selected to keep the product quality. We keep a lean organization to save the cost and return the profit to the client

Wide Variety

With close to 10 years of experience sourcing of CNC equipment, our team can help to reduce costs, and help with vendor selection based on service requirements.

Product Range

We offer our customers a total solutions approach based on their specific individualized needs.

Signage materials

CNC Machine

Dye-sub Printer

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IPLASTICS specialist in signage consumables and laser cutting equipment while providing excellent services.
IPLASTICS offers variety of affordable laser cutting equipment of different types such as Fiber, Co2, CNC router etc for professionals
We represent a factory, which has proven to be a responsible partner and manufacturer of reliable laser equipment for several years. Working with the factory directly without a broker allows us to keep the prices competitive and affordable. We keep a lean organization to save the cost and return the profit to the client
This website is a wonderful introduction to a few of the capabilities and products we can offer you.

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