Aquariums and Specialty Glazing

Sea life can inspire our deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world. In the past, this experience has been limited to divers and submarines but now a new generation of aquarium attractions have provided all the enjoyment for old and young people alike.

Iplastics CAST BLOCK is the material of choice for all aquarium projects in commercial, residential, hospitality, restaurant, zoological settings. Available in a wide range of sizes, the superior optical and thermoforming properties of Donchamp® CAST BLOCK allow complete design freedom for all shapes, sizes and colours.


Iplastics CAST BLOCK produced as a very large monolithic acrylic sheet and available in thick block sizes to withstand water pressure on a large scale.


  • Iplastics CAST BLOCK Acrylic sheet are:

    • More than four times stronger than concrete
    • Half the weight of glass
    • As transparent as the most optical glass providing excellent light transmission very good for bonding to various structural components

    Iplastics CAST BLOCK can be:

    • Fabricated in a curved design due to very good thermoforming properties
    • Installed flat with a clear, distortion free view


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