Architectural and Building

Endless options and superb performance make Iplastics CAST an ideal choice for architectural applications.

Iplastics CAST displays excellent optical qualities and at half the weight of glass and superior impact resistance makes it a perfect choice for glazing, skylights and doors. Its excellent weather resistance and 3-Dimensional formability widen its appeal as a building material.

Combining with light, Iplastics CAST displays amazing benefits as a building facade material.

Iplastics CAST also benefit from outstanding acoustic properties. Also see (Traffic Noise Control section).


As a colour or clear block , Iplastics offers bespoke formability and design freedom – resulting in unique architectural objects of superior quality.


  • Easy to work with, it can be bonded, moulded, thermoformed and cut to just about any shape or size with conventional tools, making it the ideal for applications where a more complex design is required.
  • Acrylic sheet are hardwearing and impact resistant
  • Lightweight, Iplastics acrylic sheets weigh less than half of a glass sheet the same size
  • Used in combination with light, it produces striking effects in facade design.
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