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Our Direct to Garment Printing Machines is Available for Both Light and Dark Garment Printing. Direct To Garment application is a process of printing straight onto textiles and garments using specialized technology. With us printing your designs onto textile with results that last the lifetime of the garment.
Machine size and specification
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Good printed image color is bright with good saturation. Soft with good hanging sag. waterproof UV, can be washed, suitable for indoors & outdoors.
Crowd Barrier
Tent Fabric
Scroll Banner
Frame Banner Stand
Hanging Banner
Display Fabric
Table Cloth
wider printability, suitable for large format fabric background, decoratives ◆ accurate heating system keeps stable temperature on whole format, ensures excellent colors ◆ magnetic grid ensures more stable and precision, free maintaining ◆ pneumatic devices on media feeding and winding system, easier operation ◆ droppable ink tray design, protect textile from pollution
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