LC Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

The fully enclosed design can avoid environmental pollution and protect the health of the operator. The machine is of moderate height and can be opened from front to back, left and right, which confirm to the ergonomic design and is more convenient for operation markers, CNC Router, for various applications such as signage, advertising, woodworking furniture.


More space saving

Vacuum cleaner, water chiller, etc. can be placed in the rear of the machine, taking up less space.

Longer life

LC series CO2 laser machine is driven by high-quality synchronous belt, the tooth surface is made of nylon with high wear resistance, and glass fiber inside ensures good resistance to twists and turns and low elongation

WIFI control

Convenient- Engineers can remotely control computers and machines, adjust parameters and solve problems. Efficiency- One PC can control several machines.

HIWIN guide rails

Adopted Taiwan Hiwin linear guide rail, high positioning accuracy, scroll guide, reduce wear to maintain accuracy for a longer time.

RECI / YONGLI brands available

High rigidity material ensures straightness. Zero clearance between slide block and guide rail ensures smooth and quiet high-speed movement, fast acceleration and deceleration response

CCD Automatic contour recognition system

HD camera auto recognition

Rotary auxiliary machining

Auxiliary processing of circular objects

Lifting table system 

It allows machines to process large objects

What materials can be processed ?

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