Medium CNC Router

For sign making, camper conversions, door manufacturing, kitchens, and many other products

Ease of use, Reliable

Professionally installed with free one on one on site training . Full training is included in the purchase by appointment at our workshops, Furniture CNC making machines for sale, suitable for furniture factories of all sizes. Providing affordable furniture line solutions, Cnc router machines for performing milling operations in manual and automatic mode, with numerical control management for a guarantee of precision .


DSP control system, tool setting is more convenient, and operation is simple. Use the handle to manually control the movement of the engraving machine without occupying a separate computer, thereby greatly reducing the space occupied by the device.

High Power Spindle

Spindle with high power enables powerful cutting strength.

Leadshine Stepper MotorĀ 

Leadshine driver with stepper motor can improve high-speed performance, reduce noise and heat, etc., which can ensure the reliability of equipment operation and accurate positioning accuracy, and the debugging-free function is your choice to improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance. Efficiency- One PC can control several machines.

Quality Assurance

Designers with 20 years of experience, product quality assurance, provide customer customization
Professional technical after-sales team,
12-hour online service ,

door-to- door service

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