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Signage is now, more than ever, becoming commonplace in retail stores, airports, hotel lobbies. They direct us, remind us and sometimes even inspire us to make decisions each day. Iplastics CAST Acrylic gives signage a modern image and sophisticated look and creates a powerful message directly to the people that matter the most: your customers.

Acrylic is an extremely versatile plastic that can be heated to form many different shapes. In addition, it is an extremely strong and weather resistant material. This combination of properties make CAST acrylic the most popular internal and external signage solution
Cast Acrylic is a marvelous material for conducting light. Clear acrylics conduct light, illuminating edges and engraved surfaces. Opaque acrylic spreads the light evenly over its surface, ideal for back lit logos. Modern LED lighting further complements and enhances the beauty of illuminating acrylic sheet. Iplastics CAST is available in a broad range of colours/finishes with no limits to how you can apply design concepts to individualise your business.


Iplastics CAST provide options for Illuminated and non-illuminated designs and create 3 dimensional and solid, fret cut shapes and lettering.


  • IplasticsĀ CAST Acrylic signs are:

    • Perfect for achieving a sophisticated, high-tech look.
    • Versatile, allowing a range of designs to be created.
    • Suited for indoor or outdoor use.
    • Easily customized according to your preference.
    • Easy to clean and maintain.
    • Acrylic signs can be displayed in several ways:
    • Hanging or ceiling suspended
    • Direct on existing fascia using studs
    • Glued
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