Traffic Noise Control

Iplastics CAST SOUND BARRIER sheet products have been successfully used in transparent noise barriers along roads and railways. The excellent optical qualities maintain natural outlook for the road user while providing noise reduction for the community. APT Plastics CAST SOUND BARRIER products are extremely resistant against weathering from UV exposure. The excellent optical qualities retain clarity and strength.

Iplastics CAST SOUND BARRIER is available with embedded polyamide threads for built-in fragment retention. These threads also act as a deterrent to birdlife as they are spaced down the acrylic sheet in 30mm intervals in a horizontal direction when installed. The stripe effect is a visible obstacle to birds without taking away the transparency of the panel.


Iplastics CAST SOUND BARRIER is a large size, highly transparent panel used for all types of traffic barrier solutions. Additional feature of embedded polyamide threads to protect bird safety.


  • Sound reflecting
  • High transparency
  • Excellent resistance to weathering
  • UV absorbing
  • Light weight¬† (half the weight of glass)
  • Break-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Additional benefits

  • Fragment retention on bridges

  • ¬†

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