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We believe quality and service is everything and we make every decision based upon how well it serves our customers and our people in general.

About Us

Mactech has over 10years experience in the industry with a full service and sources. We offer affordable and efficient range Of CNC router machine, Fiber laser, CO2 laser,  Direct dye-sub printer.
We provide technical support to all customers,  we have local experts to go onsite and assist with installations, training, and repairing. A dedicated WhatsApp support line is available to all customers to get in touch quickly and efficiently.   

Our Vision

We intend to help our customers reduce the risks involved in the production and improve efficiency to meet our client’s needs in creating a platform of mass production. We spare no effort to make sure you are satisfied with the quality, price and services

Our Mission

To make customers’ concept become functional prototype and help customers to save time and money and avoid costly modifications during making production tooling.

Core Values

Honesty, fairness, transparency and respect for all clients and colleagues alike. Integrity is our most valuable asset.

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